The Hyspec Engineering team has decades of experience in manufacturing high complex components. We can manufacture parts including engine casings, turbine components, shaft couplings, valves and more.

From our specialist facility in the West of Scotland, we use the latest CNC machine tools and manufacturing software to machine complex components up to 5m long and 2.5m wide. Hyspec Engineering has become a leading name in the manufacture of complex components for the various industries.

Using the very latest in CAM design software, our in house design engineers work with our clients to ensure accuracy, transparency and open communication throughout the manufacturing process. Combined with our exacting quality standards, we can offer an outstanding level of product and service reliability.

Hyspec Engineering’s comprehensive experience in partnering with global OEM's, stringent controls, and first rate project management, allows us to provide a low risk manufacturing solution for critical products and assemblies. We manufacture in small to medium batches, under closely controlled conditions and can provide individual components, integrated kits, and complete assemblies.

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