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In the Aerospace industry, a commitment to absolute precision and quality is as vital as the components themselves. After nearly forty years of experience in manufacturing, Hyspec Engineering has the skills and reputation for the job.

We manufacture critical components and assemblies in our purpose built precision engineering facility, equipped with the latest CNC machine tools. Our state-of-the-art solid modelling and dedicated design team ensure accuracy and quality every time.

Hyspec has the capability to manufacture parts ranging from 10mm to 2.5 metres in diameter, and 6 metres in length. We combine an expert work force with world class infrastructure, intelligent planning systems and seamless communication to provide the precision machining of hard metals and alloys, first rate inspection capabilities, and complex assemblies that the aerospace industry requires.

Hyspec Engineering can offer various products and services including kitting of parts, incorporating associated commercial parts (seals, fixings etc.) or complete assemblies and sub-assemblies for engine parts, landing gear structures, actuation systems and airframe structures.

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