Now Hiring: Estimator

Now Hiring: Estimator

in Careers February 24, 2022

Job purpose

To provide estimations for all customer RFQ’s (Request for quotations) by understanding the in-house capacities and capabilities.

Main duties

· Prioritising RFQ’s based on bid submission date and importance.

· Determine enquiry viability.

· Identifying the necessity to go out for raw materials/fast tracking the enquiry.

· Enquiring the raw material and other subcontract processes through MRP system.

· Understand specifications/BOM/DBI’s of different customers.

· Estimating the number of hours required to complete the job.

· Costing of a quotation, purchase order or rework job.

· Analysing the capacity graphs and giving the possible accurate lead times to the customer.

· Prepare Job costing with relevant calculations.

· Contact customer for all the clarifications regarding drawing changes/rev changes/any clarifications required at the    quotation stage.

· Liaise with Sales Manager to mark required quotations as must chase and do the necessary to win the order.

· Liaise with Sales Manager to check the financial feasibility of the order and to check the delivery feasibility for critical          enquiries.

· Meeting the Quotation deadline for all the enquiries made and assisting Sales Manager on technical enquiries raised by     customers.

· Calling customers and chasing all the “Must Chase” enquiries and updating the system with the relevant information. 

Contact and Forward CV to:

Julie Johnston or Lyndsay Nicoll